Sunday, April 1, 2012

April already

Hard to believe it’s already April 2012.  I started my Plant based no oil added lifestyle April 10, 2011 so it’s been almost a year.  Must say it’s been one very fantastic year.  I’m used to being sick many times through out the year and getting pneumonia at least 2 times each year and this year I didn’t get it at all.  the most I had was a runny nose.  I can handle that.  As long as I leave gluten alone I don’t have my fibromyalgia issues and no mucus without it too.  If I let it slip back in so does the pain and the mucus so that is a definite stay away from from now on.  I plan on being down well into my 100′s by this time next year.  After how much I have already lost I know I can do it.

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