Friday, March 30, 2012

My week and rambling.

Hubby's grandma Frankie passed on 3/26/12 so it's been a bit of an emotional week for him and his family. 

At 253lbs and size 18/20 1X and 2X pants and XL to 2X shirts.  I love that.  It’s nice to be down this low now time to work on getting even smaller.  It will be a year on April 10th that I’ve been plant based with no added oils and I’m feeling so much better.  If I had known how much better I could feel just by changing to Plant based I would of been back on it sooner.  First time I did plant based with no oils was only due to weight I was young and the weight I am right now and just wanted the weight off.  I let others tell me I needed to get back on the meats and I have lived to learn that I don’t want that.  I have put my body through years of torture for nothing and because of it I have a few issues I still need to work on and of course even though the pain is mainly gone I can’t repair all the damage but I’m going to do my best to repair what can be and to not create more.

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