Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Blog on here. About Health and Following the Mcdougall program

Hi Everyone. My name is Condalicia but I go by Connie or Rosey a lot.
I've been having a weight issue forever. Long time ago when my kids
were little I tried the McDougall Diet but I let people talk me out
of staying on it even though I felt better and had lost 100lbs after
a year on it. Since then I've tried other ways of eating and none of
them made me feel like I did on McDougall.

When I went off McDougall program I gained the 100lbs I had lost back
and then some. Got all the way up to 399lbs. Tried weight watchers,
Richard Simmons, Slim Fast and even Atkins. I got so sick on Atkins
that I felt like I was dieing and ended up in hospital.
Since then I tried just eating low cal like the doctor wanted
and keep feeling sicker not better. I lost down to 254lbs then I had
hysterectomy and it didn't matter that I was still eating same way
and exercising weight was coming back on all the way back to 327lbs.
Blood pressure went up and I got put on meds. From October 2010 till
I started back on the McDougall Program I was really sick and drained.

I decided to go back to the McDougall Program I've been back since
4/10/11 and I have went from 327lbs to 285lbs.
My blood pressure is down to normal. All my blood tests are great
except my vitamin D and it's 19.5 so almost in the optimal range.
Feeling healthier again and enjoying life.

Medical issues before McDougall'ing.

Stomach upset
Joint pain
Muscle cramps
Tingling and numbing in the legs, feet, arms and hands.
Weight loss/gain
Diarrhea or constipation
irritable bowel syndrome
Abdominal cramps, gas and bloating
General weakness and fatigue
Hair Loss
Rash all over body
Blisters in mouth
Brittle nails
Easy Bruising (lots of bruises)
Vitamin D Deficiency
Mucus nose, throat and ear canals.
ear infections
Severe swelling of hands, legs and feet.
Heart randomly beating really fast
High Blood Pressure
calicium deposits just under skin
age spots
Female issues that I ended up having surgery for.
Fatty tumor in back
curled toes<has corrected since I started wearing Vibram 5 fingers
was told they would always be it way genetic.>
low immune system
arthritis in hip, knees and shoulder
back pain <2 herniated discs>
Sharp pains in heels of feet after long walks
Pain in hips and back
Panic attacks
fatty liver
Couldn't sleep got 2 to 4 hours tops.

Since being on the Mcdougall way of eating again.  Like I said I'm down to 285lbs.  Almost all the issues above are gone.  The Fatty tumor is still there but much smaller.  Still have pain in hips back and heels but hip and back are much better.  My age spots and calcium deposits are falling off.
It took giving up Gluten for my Asthma issues to quit and all the mucus in my nose throat and ear canals to go away.  I let oil slip into my diet for one meal and that caused my fibromyalgia to act up for a few days but that is going back away now.

If I think of anything I didn't say I'll put it in a post later.

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